CIVE97129 - Freight Transport #

The contents of this website will be released gradually during the term. We will be posting updates on Teams to let you know when new material is available.

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Course Structure #

Part A - Supply Chain Management
      Session 01 - Introduction to Logistics (PA, 19/01)
      Session 02 - Inventory Management (JE, 26/01)
      Session 03 - Network Modelling (PA, 02/02)
      Session 04 - Principles of Mathematical Optimisation (PA, 09/02)

Part B - Freight Distribution
      Session 05 - Optimal Tour Planning (PA, 16/02)
      Session 06 - Vehicle Routing (JE, 23/02)
      Session 07 - Facility Location Models (PA, 02/03)

Part C - Applications
      Session 08 - Humanitarian and Healtchare Logistics (JE, 09/03)
      Session 09 - Supply Chain Risk and Resilience (NG, 16/03)
      Session 10 - Group Presentations and Revision (PA, 23/03)

Student Groups #

As two of our assignments are team-based, we have split the class into groups - please refer to the list below for the current team allocations:

Each group will be supervised by a tutor.

Assignments #

  1. Datacamp Modules - Introduction to Python (Individual assignment, due 10th of February)
  2. The Supply Chain Game (Group assignment, due 1st of March)
  3. Freight Distribution Planning (Group assignment, due 24th of March)